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The types of disaster

2018-01-03  |   Editor : jiping  

Natural disasters: The formation of natural, non-human can resist, not the will on the people for the transfer of disasters such as: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, typhoons, heavy rain (snow), tsunamis, large drought, floods, dust storms, High-temperature heat wave, dry hot air, forest fire, debris flow and so on.

Human disaster: Man-made disasters: the United States "911" incident, Japan's subway gas events, war and so on.

Technical Disaster: Major events caused by technical design or technical operational failures such as nuclear power plant leakage (such as the Chernobyl event), major chemical spills (including offshore oil tankers), large oilfield blowout, major railways, aviation (Such as China's Shandong train collision in 2011), large-scale power grid collapse (such as the 2003 California, California power outage, Moscow in 2008 blackouts), space launched failure, mine and so on.

Biological disasters:Due to biological damage or biological out of control caused by disasters such as: lake reservoirs in the proliferation of cyanobacteria, water hyacinth, large area of pests, invasive alien species, acute infectious diseases (such as SARS) and so on.

Ecological disasters: The continuous decline in groundwater level, water pollution, water shortages, air pollution, land salinization and desertification, seawater intrusion, rivers and lakes dry, forest fires, large areas of animal and plant death, species extinction.

Astronomical disasters:Disasters caused by factors outside the Earth such as the sun sunspot outbreak (leading to cosmic rays intensified), the intrusion of extraterrestrial objects (such as the 1908 Siberian Tungus big bang, large-scale meteorite fall) and so on.

Social disasters:The spread of cults, computer virus outbreak, food crisis, financial crisis, rumors caused by the crisis, ethnic (religious) conflict, political crisis and so on.

Integrated Disasters: Global climate variability and the greenhouse effect, leading to large-scale, interlocking ecological imbalances that trigger a variety of disasters.

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