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Measures for controlling ground subsidence

2018-09-05  |   Editor : houguangbing  

1.Strengthen monitoring and prediction

2.Repair technology

Land subsidence is a regional phenomenon. In order to meet the requirements of water supply and water quality improvement, aquifer storage and repair technology has been applied.

The exploitation of groundwater is restricted or reduced, ground water is replaced by surface water, and groundwater is replaced by artificial water equipment to realize the use of water and water, and to make full use of the groundwater. At the same time, surface water can be used to recharge groundwater. Reasonable measures should be taken to reduce land subsidence and restore subsidence ground.

3.Water saving measures

Adjusting the level of groundwater exploitation and rationally controlling the mining time can effectively control land subsidence. For coastal cities, preventive measures should also be taken to reinforce the seawall, and build dikes to prevent flooding and seawater intrusion. In coastal areas, the sea water is seriously inverted. At the same time, it should support the interception and submersible project, increase the surface water storage, enhance the supply of groundwater, and make the maximum degree of fresh water digested in the inland.

On this basis, the type of land use can be changed and land use change from agricultural land type to other land type to reduce the intensity of water demand and prevent further decline of the groundwater level.

4.Strengthen propaganda in thought

We should increase the publicity and education of the prevention and treatment of land subsidence. Due to the slow degeneration and regional characteristics of ground subsidence, it is easy to lead to the lack of awareness of its harmfulness by all walks of life, and the awareness of the importance of ground settlement prevention and treatment in the whole society remains to be improved.

To this end, we should strengthen the publicity and education to make the government, enterprises and citizens understand the dangers of land subsidence to the economic and social development and the daily life of the people, and enhance the understanding and support of the whole society on the prevention and control of ground subsidence.

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