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The prevention for disaster: avoid geological hazard point and dangerous areas

2018-09-05  |   Editor : houguangbing  

This point refers to that when we compile general urban planning, village and town planning and special planning for infrastructure, we need to consider the hazard assessment of geological hazard, determine the location and layout of the project reasonably and avoid dangerous areas and give priority to the public to removal who lives in the high dangerous areas where are hard to govern.

The cities of Ankang, Hanzhong and Shangluo in the south of Shanxi Province have bad geological conditions and the stability of the mountain is fragile, so there is a big possibility of mountain flood, landslide and debris flow and other secondary disasters. In the worst floods of 2010, the earthquake affected 5.59 million people, and more than 300 people died and missed. The provincial government launches the “Relocation for people in the south of Shanxi Province”, which will take ten years to remove 2.4 million people to thoroughly solve the threat posed by geological disasters to the masses. Shandong Province has discovered more than 1900 potential geological hazards, more than 889,000 people and 15.1 million yuan directly under threat. Among these, 46 potential hazards have a high risk, poor stability and can be affected by rainfall easily. So the government of Shandong Province decided to complete the removal and avoiding work of the public in the major geological potential hazards in the future two years.

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