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The forecast and prediction of debris flow

2018-09-03  |   Editor : houguangbing  

The forecast and prediction of debris flow is very important, which is an important step and measure for disaster prevention and mitigation. At present, the following methods are often used in forecasting and predicting of debris flow in China:

In the typical debris flow trench, observe at a fixed point to solve the problem of formation and motion parameters of debris flow. Such as the observation and experimental study on the debris flow of Jiangjia ditch and Daqiao ditch in Xiaojiang river basin, Dongchuan city, Yunnan province and the observation and study of debris flow in Shahe River in Hanyuan County, Sichuan province.

Investigate the relevant parameters and characteristics of the potential debris flow gully; strengthen the forecast of hydrology and meteorology, especially for small areas of local rainstorm because heavy rain is the triggering factor of mudslide formation. For example, when the rainfall exceeds 350 mm in a month and the rainfall exceeds 150 mm in a day, a mudslide alarm should be issued.

Set up technical filing of debris flow, especially watershed elements, formation conditions, disaster situation and control measures. The information should be detailed records one by one to solve the problem of information receiving and transmission, etc.

Divide the risk area of debris flow, potential danger zone or divide it according to the sensitivity zone of debris flow disaster; Besides, carry out the research of debris flow disaster alarm and indoor debris flow model test.

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