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What should we do when we encounter debris flow and mudslide?

2018-09-03  |   Editor : houguangbing  

If you are camping in the mountains, don't choose the discharge channel at the bottom, curved channel and confluence place. To prevent accidents, try not to travel to areas where landslides often occur. If you must pass an area where landslides may occur when you are travelling, you’d better pay attention to the local relevant forecast. For example, landslides are likely happen in some sections of Sichuan-Tibet highway and therefore, these places are equipped with monitoring. When you come into these areas, you must obey command.

If you hear abnormal noise and see stones, plaster slide down frequently when travelling in mountain area or Mid-levels, this suggests that there may be landslides coming nearby. If the noise becomes more and more big and the size of stone is visible, the debris flow is very likely to arrive. At this time, you should immediately discard weights and escape as soon as possible and report in time according to the situation and seek bailout.

Generally, the area of debris flow is not very wide. In escape, run along the two sides of the debris flow, namely horizontal running. If the flow is from north to south or from south to north, you should run eastward or westward. On the way of escaping, cover your head with clothes to avoid being hurt by stones. If buried in a mudslide, the head should be exposed as far as possible. In order to ensure smooth breathing, the silt in the mouth and nose should be removed quickly.

If your company show faint breath or stops breathing, you can immediately perform mouth to mouth blowing and closed cardiac massage(see Family Bailout), and immediately contact the nearest hospital or clinic for emergency treatment.

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