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Control countermeasures for ground fissure

2018-09-05  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Modern urban ground fissure disaster is a kind of environmental geological disaster related to human engineering activities. Its frequency and intensity are the result of both internal and external dynamic geological action and human engineering activities. The blindness and unscientific nature of human engineering activities shorten the cycle of ground fissures and increase the scale of ground fissures. Therefore, in order to reduce and alleviate the disaster scale and degree of ground fissures, it is necessary to analyze the occurrence and development reasons of ground fissures, and to scientifically plan the development and construction of cities in order to realize regional sustainable development.

Although it is difficult for human beings to control the ground fissure activity caused by internal dynamic geological action, effective measures can be taken to minimize the loss. That is to say, when making urban development planning and designing major engineering facilities, consideration should be given to rationally avoiding or adopting necessary engineering countermeasures in sensitive areas of ground fissures in order to prevent or mitigate the disasters of ground fissures. In order to ensure the safety of the new building in the effective life cycle, it is necessary to avoid a certain distance from the main ground crack, and the width of the shelter belt should be determined according to the concrete conditions. The urban lifeline project is a continuum, which can not be used as the way of avoiding the building. The strength of the pipeline should be increased appropriately, and flexible connections such as rubber should be adopted at the joint, so that the pipeline can absorb its shape in a longer time and variable to enhance the safety of the pipeline itself.

Groundwater over-exploitation is an important inducing factor of urban ground fissure activity, especially the blind concentration and intensive exploitation of the water source, which leads to the deep drop of the central water level of the groundwater drop funnel and the extremely uneven consolidation and compression of the aquifer group. A higher deformation gradient is formed at the edge of the consolidation settlement area, which increases the deformation range of the ground fissure on the surface. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably control the mining intensity of existing water sources, and at the same time, to consider opening up new water sources in order to slow down the gradient of ground subsidence deformation, which plays an important role in reducing the activity of ground fissures.

Attention should be paid to the long-term monitoring of ground fissures. Through the long-term accumulation of observational data, the temporal and spatial characteristics of ground fissures activities should be understood in order to further analyze their causes and provide a reliable basis for the disaster mitigation and prevention of urban ground fissures.

As a kind of existing geological phenomenon, ground fissures must have certain influence on the surrounding natural geography and hydrogeological environment.

Where the ground cracks pass, the ground surface is broken, the building is cracked, the road is deformed, the groundwater pipeline is broken, and all kinds of facilities on the ground are destroyed. The long-term activities of the ground fissures have caused huge losses to human beings. Therefore, it is necessary to study and propose correspondingly in time. Control measures. At present, people mainly adopt the method of avoiding ground fissures. They try to avoid the ground fissures during urban construction, stay away from the severe disaster areas, and divide the impact zones in the fissure development areas as a guide for urban planning and construction.

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