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Geologic disasters in China

2018-09-05  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Geologic earthquake disasters refer to the nature disasters caused by the strenuous exercise of the energy’ strongly released in the earth's lithosphere or the mass transfer of matter or the long-term geological changes, which cause damage to the people’s life and property and environment. This kind of disasters includes earthquake, volcano, collapse, landslide, debris flow, ground collapse, ground subsidence and ground cracks etc.

Earthquakes mainly take place in the west of 1050 E, the north and some coastal and islands in our country. The earthquake which intensity above W takes place in the area accounts for 32.5% of the land area. All provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) have had destructive earthquakes over magnitudes.

Geological disasters concentrated in the secondary steps of the land, especially the border of the first with the second steps and the second with the third. There are 240000 geological hazards which have been identified and some regional mass landslides and mudslides. There are more than 1000 people dead and over billion yuan lost because of the landslides and mudslides every year. The landslides and mudslides also made roadbed damaged to dozens of important railways and autobahns. A half of central and western regions and some country-level cities are threatened by landslides and mudslides seriously.

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