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Characteristics of ground fissure disaster

2018-09-05  |   Editor : houguangbing  

The distribution of the ground fissure determines the characteristics of the ground fissure disaster, and is one of the main basis to determine the mechanism of the ground crack and the width of the building.

(1) Banding property

This is the most important feature of the distribution of ground fissures. Along the ground crack direction, there is a clear zonal distribution on the building, which is followed by the ground crack zone, and in a certain width, the disaster has the characteristics of continuous display on different types of buildings.

(2) The irresistible nature of the disaster

The disaster survey has proved that, where the ground cracks pass through, the structures of the buildings, new and old, and the type of material structure are ultimately destroyed, and the buildings on the ground fissure belt can not resist the destruction of the ground cracks, no matter how they are strengthened.

(3) Directionality

The cracking, deformation and development trend of buildings in the ground fissure zone are directional.

1) the order of building cracks caused by ground fissure usually develops from bottom to top, indicating that the influence of ground fissures on buildings is transmitted from bottom to top.

2) the cracking pattern of buildings is related to the tendency of ground fissure and the way of activity.

(4) Periodicity

The activity of ground fissure is periodic. For example, the activity cycle of the ground fissure in Henan is consistent with the sunspot activity cycle, and occurs near the valley year. The short period observation of Datong ground fissure shows that within a year, the activity rate of ground fissure increases by about 4~5 times in dry season.

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