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Causes of land subsidence

2018-09-05  |   Editor : houguangbing  
Human factors

There are four main causes of ground subsidence. One is overexploitation of underground water, natural gas and oil, which makes the pore pressure of the deposits of the solid, liquid and gas deposited in a tendency to decrease, the effective stress is increased, the formation of the formation is compacted, thus causing a large scale and urgency. The ground subsidence of the play. The two is to exploit underground solid mineral resources and form large areas of goaf, resulting in ground deformation (subsidence). The three is the load exerted on the foundation of the important engineering building, which makes the soil soil deformation. Four, under the continuous action of low load, the creep of soil can also cause the slow deformation of the foundation.

Geological factors

There are three reasons for ground subsidence in nature: (1) under the action of gravity, the ground surface will sink when the loose layer becomes dense, hard or semi hard rock under the action of gravity, and the ground will fall due to the smaller thickness of the stratum. (2) subsidence due to tectonic subsidence. (3) the ground subsidence caused by the earthquake.

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