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The tsunami caused huge damage to lives and propertiesⅡ

2018-09-03  |   Editor : houguangbing  

A tsunami in south-central Chile

From May 21 to 27, 1960, the biggest earthquake swarms occurred at the bottom of the south-central ocean in Chile and triggered a huge tsunami. The largest earthquake was of magnitude 8.9 and the earthquakes caused serious secondary disasters.

The tsunami, which formed waves up to 30m above Chile’s surface, swept unaccountable surrounding houses and buildings and half of the buildings in the city became ruins. Besides, more than 100 dams slong the coast of Chile was destroyed, more than 2000 ships was damaged, causing economic loss of $550 million. The tsunami killed tens of thousands of people and left 2 million people homeless.

At the time, waves swept across the Pacific at the spedd of 600-700 kilometers per hour and people were caught in the waves in a very short time. Some of the people who were caught in the waves were swept into the depths of the ocean, some were swept up into the sky by turbulent wave and others were swerved to banks by huge waves.

The height of waves can still reach up to 4m when hit Japan, killing 800 people, destroying over 1000 residential buildings, submerging more than 20000 hectares fields and leaving 150,000 people homeless.

The Moro Bay tsunami in the Philippines

On August 16, 1976, a tsunami struck Moro Bay, causing 8000 people to die.

A tsunami in Papua New Guinea

In July, 1998, about 2100 people in Papua New Guinea died due to two earthquakes of magnitude 7.0. On 17th, the underwater earthquake in Papua New Guinea triggered 49-meter waves of tsunami, killing 2200 people and left thousands people homeless.

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