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Precautions for tsunami escape

2019-01-14  |   Editor : houxue2018  

The following points should be paid attention to when escaping:

Far away from the coast

Don't go anywhere near the beach or enter any building near the beach. Even if you see a very small tsunami, leave immediately. That's because the tsunami's waves keep getting bigger and hitting the coast, so the next big wave may be coming. Usually, if you see a huge wave, you're too close to the tsunami and it's too late to escape. But anyway, you have to try to escape.

Run inland to higher altitudes

Run inland as far as possible, stay as far away from the shoreline as possible. If you have limited time or are in danger, choose tall, strong buildings and climb as high as possible, preferably to the roof. Reinforced high-rise buildings such as hotels on the coast are a safe place to escape from a tsunami. Do not choose low-rise houses or buildings materials without tsunami-resistant. While island chains, shallow coasts and mangroves can disperse and weaken a tsunami, they cannot withstand very strong waves.

Climb onto a strong tree

If you're trapped, and you can't implement all these options, look for a sturdy, tall tree and climb as high as you can. There is of course a risk that the tree will be destroyed by the tsunami, but this is the only way to survive if all else fails.

Catch floating objects

If you get caught in the water, hold onto objects such as life buoying, door panels, tree trunks, fishing equipment, etc.

Steer the boat towards the open sea

If you are on board when the tsunami hit, don't drive the boat back to the harbour, try to open the boat to the open sea as much as possible. Stay for hours until accurate information is available. Tsunamis can continue to hit the coast for hours, so the danger won't pass quickly. Unless you get definite information from the emergency service, you should not return easily overseas.

Keep in touch with the outside world

If there is a radio in your place of refuge, turn it on and keep up with the latest information, keep in touch with the outside world at all times. Don't believe rumors.

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