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The tsunami caused huge damage to lives and propertiesⅢ

2020-11-20  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Tsunami in the northern Indian Ocean

On December 26th, 2004, an earthquake of magnitude 8.5 hit in the Indian Ocean north of Indonesia’s Sumatra island, triggering a massive tsunami, which affected countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia and killed many people. According to statistics, the number of casualties as follows:

The situation in Indonesia was the worst, leaving about 230,000 people dead or missing. The number of people being killed in Thailand was more than 5,000 people, with more than 3000 people missing, in which over 1000 people were foreigners. The number of people being killed in Sri Lanka was only less than Indonesia, with more than 30000 people being affected and over 5000 missing. According to the India official, over 10000 people died and more than 5000 people missed. More than 60 people in Myanmar died in tsunami, while the United Nations estimated that the number of causulties reached up to 90. More than 80 people in Maldives died and over 20 people missed. More than 60 people in Malaysia were affected, most of whom were Pengnang people; 2 people in Bangladesh died. There were also many people on the east coast of Africa being killed, including nearly 300 in Somalia, 10 in Tanzania and 1 in Kenya.

Tsunami attack human beings again and again with powerful energy and make people bear all disasters it brings. The lives, the homes, which are really important to people, will leave people right away under the attack of the disasters, which alsways leave notorious reality to people. When disasters occur, governments of every country, nogovernmental or international organizations come together to give help, which is the only way for humanity to deal with disasters.

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