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Damages of tsunamis

2020-02-27  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Not long after the violent shaking, the huge waves roar down over the shoreline and across fields, striking strongly the cities and villages on the riverside and people lost in the waves in a short time.

All the facilities in the port and collopsed buildings are swept away under the choppy waves. After the event, the beach is littered with broken boards and wood and carcasses.

The seisimic sea wave brings great harm to human beings. At present, people can only prevent or reduce the loss caused by the disasters, such as earthquake, volcano, tsunami and other sudden disaster changes by predicting and observing.

China lies on the west coast of Pacific, with a coastline of 18000 km. However, due to the obstructions of the Ryukyu Islands and southeast Asian countries along the coast and the broad continental shelf, the energy decays faster and has less influence on the mainland’s coastal areas when ocean tsunamis come into the waters.

Because the speed of seismic waves along the crust exceeds the seismic sea waves so tsunami can be predicted in advance. But tsunamis are more difficult than seismic surveys because the topography of underwater is so complex that it is difficult to measure.

In 1964, the global tsunami warning system coordination team was formed. The tsunami warning system was more developed in Pacific where tsunamis occur frequently.

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