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Tsunamis are very different from the waves or tides caused by wind

2018-09-03  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Tsunamis are very different from the waves or tides caused by wind. The wind blows over the ocean, cuasing shorter waves and the consequent water current is limited to shallow waters. Strong winds can produce waves that are over 3 meters tall, but it cannot shake the deep water, either.

The tides sweep the globe twice a day and the currents can go into the bottom of oceans like tsunami but tsunami was not caused by the gravitational pull of the moon or the sun, it was produced by the push of undersea earthquake or volcanic eruption or meteorite or underwater landslide.

Tsunami waves can travel at the depths of up to 700 kilometers per hour and easily keep pace with the Boeing 747. Although the speed is quick but it is not dangerous in deep water. A single wave less than a few meters can be more than 750 km in the open sea. The effects of sea surface tilt are so small that the waves often go past inaverdantly.

Tsunamis are creeping through the ocean silently. However, it can reach catastrophic heights in shallow water unexpectedly.

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