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Reflections after tsunami

2018-10-08  |   Editor : houguangbing  

A tsunami warning system was established in the USA after the tsunami in Hawaii in 1946. The system can detect changes in the geologic structure of the seabed and then transmit the data to the warning center. After that, the International Pacific Tsunami organization was established, with 22 countries taking part in. later, the Soviet Union, Japan, the Alaska and Hawaii in USA also had their own tsunami warning system.

Due to these systems, the effect of tsunamis was reduced to some extent. However, although science and techonology are advancing and many problems can be prevented scientifically, but for natural disasters, it is still a question to be solved, which is the tragedy of human. Maybe the time of disasters is short, but it is in the moment of seconds and minutes that unaccountable people died and houses were destroyed. Disasters tell us that we should be humble and respectful to nature, which is not an object that give and help or an oppnent that can be defeated.

Although after every disaster, the affected countries will be rescued actively by nongovernmental and international organization, the lives and properties taken away by tsunamis will never be restored. For example, after the tsunami in waters of Indonesia occurred, every country have adopted positive rescue. Indonesia President Susilo ordered the whole country to help the disaster-affected area and at the same time, instructed Indonesian military communication, project and medical soldiers to rescue.

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