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Online map of the distribution of earthquake disasters in Lushan, Sichuan in 2013 in China

Date: 2023-09-18  Editor : lihy0   

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The online map of the distribution of earthquake disasters in Lushan, Sichuan in 2013 in China is sourced from the China Natural Disaster Atlas in 2013 and was published by China Map Publishing House in February 2015. The authors are the Office of the National Disaster Reduction Commission, the Disaster Relief Department of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the National Disaster Reduction Center of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The scale of the local map is 1:6000000.

Overall situation of earthquake disasters in Lushan, Sichuan

At 08:02 on April 20th, a 7.0 magnitude strong earthquake occurred in Lushan County, Ya'an City, Sichuan Province, with a depth of 13 dry meters. The earthquake caused 196 deaths, a large number of houses collapsed or were severely damaged, and infrastructure such as transportation, communication, water conservancy, and electricity in the disaster area were severely damaged.

This earthquake disaster has the following characteristics:

1.Relatively low personnel mortality rate and high housing damage rate

2.Disasters involve a wide range of areas and have a significant impact

3.Complex geological conditions with high potential danger

4.The economy and society in the disaster area are underdeveloped, making recovery and reconstruction difficult

Nearly 60% of the affected counties are mountainous and old districts, with poor economic conditions and relatively weak self-help capabilities. In 2011, the 21 affected counties achieved a regional GDP of 154.53 billion yuan, less than 6.5% of the province's total. In 2011, local public finance revenue was 10.32 billion yuan, only 9.6% of the province's total. The proportion of rural population was as high as 62%, and the proportion of agriculture was relatively large. The transportation conditions in the severely affected areas are poor, the road level is low, and the transportation and turnover of large-scale rescue equipment and disaster relief and reconstruction materials are difficult, greatly increasing the difficulty of disaster relief and reconstruction.

Online map of the distribution of earthquake disasters in Songyuan, Jilin in 2013 in China

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