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Historical map of the Southern Song Dynasty and the Jin Dynasty in 1208 AD

Date: 2021-06-02  Editor : xuzhiping   

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In Chinese history, the Song Dynasty is one of the longest-lived feudal dynasties, from the founding to the demise of a total of 320 years, 426 years after the Han Dynasty, 290 years longer than the Tang Dynasty, 277 years of the Ming Dynasty and 296 years . In this dynasty, ancient China's economic, cultural and social aspects of life have developed to the peak. Chinese culture in the history of the masters of the characters also to this dynasty up. It has Zhang Zhongqu's Yueyang Tower, Ouyang Xiu's Zuiweng Pavilion, Su Shi's Chibi; it has Zhang Hengqu Taixu, Zhou Dunyi Taiji, Cheng Cheng Cheng Cheng, Zhu Xi's lattice, Lu Xiangshan universe; it Wang Anshi, Sima Guang , Lu Xin, Li Qizhao, Wen Tianxiang, etc. only in the Song Renzong once the Tang and Song of the eight out of the six, the four inventions out of the three, and that the great Baoqingtian, "Qingming" real To reflect its mediocre secular life. Such a state of development is closely linked with the basic national policy centered on the cultural construction of the Song Dynasty.

"China Southern Song Jin dynasty history map" shows legend: capital - in all, road stationed in - Yangzhou, the state-level resident - Heng Zhou, other settlements - Chang eight assassination, The provincial government area resident --- Changchun, now the people's Government of the residen t - Dandong, now other settlements - the people's Government of the People's Republic of China, - Mohe.

View map of the Southern Song Dynasty: This map is Jin Tai and eight years,The first year of the Southern Song Dynasty Jiading (1208) map。The Southern Song Dynasty accounts for only a small part of the current Chinese layout.

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