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Geological online map of Taiwan Province of China

Date: 2020-08-10  Editor: houxue2018    View counts: 20835   

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Geological map of Taiwan Province of China

Geological Map of Taiwan Island



Impact f: mud, sand and gravel; Bioaccumulation b: coral reefs

Flood impact (platform accumulation) pf: mud, gravel, laterite; Hengchun limestone; bio-accumulation b; limestone reef

Zhuolan Formation, Jinshui Formation, Sandstone, Mudstone and Shale; Kenting Formation: Mudstone and Exotic Block

Tertiary: Three Gorges Group: Sandstone, Shale and Coal Seam

Ruifeng Group: Sandstone, Siltstone, Shale, Coal Seam

Yeliu Group: Sandstone, Shale and Coal Seam

Wuzhishan Formation: Sandstone and Shale

Bernanshan Formation: Conglomerate

Dagang Formation: mudstone, shale, sandstone and conglomerate; Liji Formation: mudstone and exotic rock blocks

Duluanshan Formation: Block Rock and Tuffaceous Sandstone

Sule Formation: argillaceous slate, shale, sandstone; Lushan Formation: argillaceous slate, slate, phyllite, metamorphic sandstone

Aodi Formation: Sandstone and Shale

Shuichangliu Formation: argillaceous slate, metamorphic sandstone and slate

Sileng Formation: Quartz Sandstone and Slate

Xicun Formation: slate and phyllite

Dajian Formation: metamorphic sandstone, carbonaceous sandstone and Shibazhuangxi Formation: slate and metamorphic sandstone; Bilushan Formation: slate and phyllite

Grand South Australia Group:

Yuli schist, black schist

Changchun schist; greenschist; black schist and siliceous schist

Taroko Marble: Marble

Kainangang gneiss; gneiss and migmatite

Igneous rock

The pleistocene:

Andesite and andesite pyroclastic rocks


Late Tertiary:

Andesite and andesite clastic rocks (Qimei volcanic complex)

Himalayan period:

Mafic rocks and ultramafic rocks

Yanshanian: mafic rocks and ultramafic rocks

Quartz porphyry


Isotope Age Collection Point and Age Value (Ma)

Ophiolite melange

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