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Direct economic losses online map in northern of Xinjiang(2010)

Date: 2020-09-02  Editor : houxue2018   

Category: Disaster impact

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This map comes from the Major natural disaster Atlas of China in 2010 Surveying and Mapping Press and China Map Publishing House. The editing unit is the National Natural Resources and Geospatial Basic Information Database Project Office.

In the first and middle of January 2010, the total snowfall in Altay was 44-82mm, and the snowfall depth in plain was 44-94cm. The heavy snowfall, strong snowfall intensity, wide snowfall range, long duration and thick snow depth were rare in history, which caused rare snow disaster in history。As of January 20, 581700 people were affected by the snow disaster, 548 people were injured or injured due to the disaster, 2 people died due to the avalanche, 97443 people were transferred urgently, 1547 houses collapsed and 11622 houses were damaged. 2.2734 million livestock were affected, 7640 households and 30699 people were trapped, 725300 livestock were trapped and 9742 livestock were killed. 243 vegetable greenhouses collapsed, 2743 livestock sheds collapsed, and roads in 100 villages of 522 administrative villages were interrupted, resulting in a direct economic loss of 225.66 million yuan.

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