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Direct economic losses of typhoon Fanapi(2010) online map

Date: 2020-08-28  Editor : houxue2018   

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This map comes from the Major natural disaster Atlas of China in 2010 Surveying and Mapping Press and China Map Publishing House. The editing unit is the National Natural Resources and Geospatial Basic Information Database Project Office.

The typhoon wind and the sea waves caused by the typhoon can throw the huge ship of 10000 tons into the air, break the waist, and push the giant ship inland; It can also damage or even destroy the buildings, bridges and vehicles on the land. Especially in areas where buildings are not reinforced, the damage is even greater.

A typhoon landing, the rainfall center can drop 100-300 mm, or even 500-800 mm heavy rain in a day. The flood and waterlogging disaster caused by typhoon and rainstorm is the most dangerous disaster, which is fierce and destructive.

The storm surge of a strong typhoon can raise the coastal water level by 5-6 meters. As a result, the tide overflowed, the seawall burst, the houses and all kinds of construction facilities were destroyed, the towns and farmland were flooded, and a large number of casualties and property losses were caused.

These disasters of typhoon are very easy to induce secondary disasters such as urban waterlogging, house collapse, mountain torrents and debris flow.

The maximum speed of typhoon can reach 200 km/h, wherever it goes, it will destroy the withered and withered, which huge energy can directly cause disaster to human beings.

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