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Online map of provincial integrated disaster index for drought in China in 2016

Date: 2022-09-22  Editor : houxue2018   

Category: Drought and Hot

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The online map of provincial integrated disaster index for drought in China in 2016 comes from the Atlas of China's Natural Disasters in 2016. This map was edited by the Office of the National Disaster Reduction Commission, the Disaster Relief Department of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the National Disaster Reduction Center of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and was published by China Map Publishing House.

The Atlas of China's Natural Disasters in 2016 is the sixth volume of the Atlas of China's Natural Disasters series. In terms of layout design, it continues the concept of Atlas of Natural Disasters 2011-2015 in China, continues to adopt the current international popular simplicity style, and fully uses composite colors and combined symbol expression methods combining the characteristics of natural disasters, so as to have both the readability of the content, the aesthetics of the overall layout, and the objectivity of information transmission. In terms of content setting, in addition to the traditional analysis of disaster situations and temporal and spatial characteristics, an attempt to analyze the disaster situation, monthly disaster situation distribution characteristics, and relative loss index in key regions of the “Belt and Road” has also been added.

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In 2016, the drought disaster in China was obviously mild, but some areas were seriously affected, with a relatively concentrated time and region. The most serious impact was the summer and summer drought in the north.

30.572 million person times were affected in 480 counties (cities, districts) in 25 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government) and some regiments and yards of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, 2.346 million person times had difficulty drinking water, and 6.391 million person times needed living assistance due to drought;

The affected area of crops was 9872.2 thousand hectares, including 1018.3 thousand hectares of dead crops; 5.825 million large livestock with difficulty in drinking water; The direct economic loss was 41.81 billion yuan.

On the whole, the drought disaster is significantly lighter than the average since 2000, and the affected area and the area without income of crops are more than 50% lighter, respectively ranking the second lowest and third lowest since 2000.

Compared with the average value during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the drought loss is also significantly lighter, with more than 20% of the affected area of crops lighter, and more than 10% of the area without income. Among the affected provinces, the disaster situation in Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang and Gansu is more prominent.

Online map of count of drought events by county in China in 2016

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