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Online map of landslide distribution in Wenchuan in China

Date: 2021-11-12  Editor : houxue2018   

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Online map of landslide distribution in Wenchuan in China comes from the Wenchuan Earthquake Disaster Atlas, the scale of the map is 1:1000000, which is compiled by the Wenchuan Earthquake Disaster Atlas compilation committee, and published by Chengdu Map Publishing House.

The Wenchuan Earthquake Disaster Atlas is based on the work results of the expert group and closely focuses on the theme of "Wenchuan Earthquake Disaster". After the Wenchuan earthquake, the National Disaster Reduction Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly established an earthquake relief expert group, bringing together more than 30 ministries and commissions from the Ministry of Science and Technology, including the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Water Resources, the China Earthquake Administration, the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Experts and scholars have carried out multidisciplinary comprehensive research on the Wenchuan earthquake, obtained a large amount of monitoring information and evaluation data, and obtained fruitful research results.

Map description

Landslide knowledge

Landslide refers to the natural phenomenon that the soil or rock mass on the slope slides down the slope as a whole or dispersedly along a certain weak surface or zone under the action of gravity under the influence of factors such as surface runoff scouring, groundwater activity, earthquake and artificial slope cutting.

Impact of earthquake on landslide

The strong action of earthquake destroys and changes the internal structure of slope earth rock, the original structural plane is cracked and relaxed, and the groundwater also changes greatly, especially the sudden rise or decrease of groundwater level is very unfavorable to the stability of slope body. In addition, the occurrence of a strong earthquake is often accompanied by many aftershocks. Under the repeated vibration and impact of seismic force, the slope earth rock mass is more likely to deform and finally develop into landslide.

Online map of historical flood risk distribution in Wenchuan disaster area in China

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