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Quantitative analysis modal of seismic damage by remote sense techonology

2018-01-30  |   Editor : houguangbing  
Category : Technology

According to the actual earthquake damage, building damage degree caused by the locations, some villages or blocks.In particular, is related to seismicity (if we adopt that to measure)statistically. Therefore, in the institutional ground seismic hazard, damage index is often used to indicate the building’s damage degree.

Since the term of damage index has been proposed in 1970’s Tonghai earthquake, it comes into use quite extensively in the research of seismic hazard. Different structure in the buildings leads to the different damage degree under the same seismic intensity, which can serve as the damage index concerned with structure.

Given the established comprehensive seismic damage index, we can confirm the seismic intensity through the congruent relationship between it and seismic intensity as well as Chinese seismic intensity scale.

Imitating this thinking, we can also make use of the earthquake damage data of buildings required by remote sense to calculate indexes. The diffrerent is that there are limited damage levels for the remote sense can tell, which are collapse,partial collapse and not collapse. What’s more, the result can be affected by indirectness and incompleteness of remote sense,especially the image type and spatial resolution. This kind of damage index is called remote sense damage index, distinguishing from the ground seismic hazard index. And remote sense damage degree index DRSI can be computed in this way.

When it comes a simplex structures, average seismic damage degree is adopted in counting remote sense damage index instead of considering the differcial on structure.

We can set up mensurable relations between remote sense damage index and ground seismic damage index as well as seismic intensity under a quantitative analysis foundation of remote sense earthquake damage, to service for earthquake emergency rescue and evaluate damage degree.

As the quantitative parameter of remote sense for damage degree is proposed, it helps to enhance the scientificalness and accuracy to the damage’s discribe by remote sense technology, widen the study scope of it, which will make it easier and faster to assess the damage degree.

The information is provided by the DRR Knowledge Service System of IKCEST.

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