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Study on Cross-time and Multi-level Cooperation Mechanism of Cross-border Flood Prevention and Control in Heilongjiang River Basin

Date: 2021-09-26      View counts: 1605    


LIU Zongrui
Paper Keyword
Heilongjiang basin, cross-border flood, cross-time and multi-level cooperation mechanism
In recent years,with the economic boom and the population growth along the Heilongjiang River Coast, the added pressure on ecological environment has weakened the basin capacity of resisting the natural disasters greatly, which triggered the large-scale frequent flooding in Heilongjiang River Basin. On the background of Northeast Asian integration, China and Russia will strengthen the cooperation of cross-border flood prevention to safeguard the normal order of economic and social development along the river. Two countries have maintained long-term cooperations of cross-border water resources in Heilongjiang River Basin and cooperated to prevent the basin flood in 2013. The existing cooperation mechanism, which is dominated by the high-level meetings, cannot meet the complex and diversified demands of cross-border flood. There are still many defects at different levels from the central to the local. The international water resources is cross-border shared resources, when China and Russia deal with cross-border flood, the main problems can be reflected in the following aspects: the river basin lacks of a full range flood protection planning; the level of natural disaster emergency system coordination remains low; the governance model dominated by the government limits the other governing subjects’ participation; the basic work of Heilongjiang cross-border flood prevention is relatively weak. The two countries should construct the regional cooperative governance mechanism in the light of the characteristics of two countries’water resources management system and the disaster prevention system. The two countries should construct a multi-period and multi-layer cross-border flood prevention mechanism from the organization levels of controlling flood and all periods during the flood to meet the increasingly close combination of cross-border economic and social development,and to form a long-term and stable cooperation model gradually to minimize the crossborder flood’s damage.
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