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Safety of Built Environment (Policy Analysis)

Date: 2019-10-09      View counts: 4470    



This course introduces the role of UNESCO in Disaster Risk Reduction, which promotes international and interdisciplinary cooperation in many aspects of Disaster Risk Reduction. In terms of earthquake disasters, this course analyses the current situation of earthquake disasters and concludes that the main cause of death in earthquakes is the collapse of buildings. In order to raise the awareness of policy makers in earthquake-prone countries of publishing earthquake hazards caused by building collapse, UNESCO collects information on strategies in building environment through questionnaires and analyses the status quo and evening extent of anti-earthquake and disaster strategies in a country or region through various ways. Finally, the existing classical cases are introduced, and possible suggestions on the overall approach/priority and cross-border cooperation are put forward.

Name of reporter
Soichiro Yasukawa
Title of reporter
Programme Specialist;Coordinator
Organization of reporter
Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Section on Earth Sciences and Geo-hazards Risk Reduction, Natural Sciences Sector, UNESCO
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