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Agricultural Scientific data curation and services in China

Date: 2019-10-09      View counts: 6073    



Nowadays, research in agriculture has been more data-insensitive. How to effectively collect, manage, share, and use huge data from various sources (i.e. IOT) is a growing challenge, esp. in agriculture which is a complex domain consisting of different disciplines and fields. The national scientific data center for agriculture (Agridata) is one of national center dedicated to collect, manage, share agricultural scientific since 2003. Agridata has cumulated over 700TB data covering cropping, animal husbandry, environmental sciences, etc. and attracted over 24 thousand regular users form China, USA, France, etc.. Among the other data center, Agridata is featured with the ability of high performance infrastructure, high effective operation, various services, and the research capability of data science. Agridata is now developing from China mainland to APEC area and European.

Name of reporter
Jian Wang Ph.D. Professor
Title of reporter
Agricultural Scientific data curation and services in China
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Agricultural information institute, CAAS
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