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GIS Application

Examples of Geographic Information System Application

Guide: This chapter introduces the application of GIS in some specific fields.

Because GIS is an information system for managing and analyzing spatial data, almost all departments using spatial data and spatial information can apply GIS. Due to the different departments, the proportion and application mode of GIS in the specific business system are also different. The relatively loose areas include business, medical and health fields, which are closely combined with urban planning, environmental fields and so on.

This chapter briefly introduces some examples of GIS application. For different examples, different methods are introduced. Some summarize the application of a specific region, some describe the work flow, some introduce the working principles and analysis methods, which can provide reference for the construction of GIS in related fields, and can also be used as reference for the construction of GIS in other fields.

This chapter also introduces some new concepts, such as AM/FM, GIS/T, specific analysis methods, dynamic segmentation model, which are in the intersection of GIS and specific fields. It is also a useful supplement to GIS theory and technology.