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Spatial data representation and map making

The reading function of spatial data runs through the GIS spatial data processing, many aspects of the function, including symbols, thematic information expression, frame configuration, and mapping synthesis, are all derived from map mapping, which also indicates the geographic information system and the origin of cartography. From a certain perspective, GIS can be called “dynamic map”, which provides more abundant and flexible spatial data representation than ordinary maps, such as dynamic information representation, virtual reality, etc. However, from another point of view, cartography is an art, it is difficult to make a perfect map by relying solely on computer systems, which requires manual interactive intervention, such as cartographic synthesis, currently, no GIS software can solve these problems well.

At the end of this chapter, the content of visualization is introduced, visualization is closely related to the perception and transmission of information, the research of geo-visualization and the application of visualization technology in GIS are of great significance for the wide application of spatial data.