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The assessment of damaged vegetation caused by ice-snow disaster in 2008

2020-05-20  |   Editor : wangqiuyuan  

Dataset/atlas content features


The damaged degree of forest ice-snow frozen disaster contributes to reduce the loss of forest resources and forest ecosystem management, which is of great significance to the restoration of forest vegetation. This datasets are divided into two parts: the spatial distribution of damaged vegetation and evaluation on forest losses. Based on the dynamic threshold method, NDVI data is selected to extract the damaged forest caused by ice-snow disaster in 2008 and assess the forest losses. This datasets can be used to post-disaster various researches.

Temporal cover

The dataset coverage is 2008/01/10 to 2008/02/02.

Spatial cover

The dataset covers Anhui, Chongqing, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi and Zhejiang Province.

Subject/industry scope of dataset/atlas

Subject scope

Earth Science

Industry scope

Natural science research and experiment development

Other classifications (optional)

(Other categories can be applied, but should reflect the dataset/atlas characteristics.)

Accuracy of dataset/atlas

Time frequency

The dataset is produced for the southern snowstorm disaster in early 2008, the specific time of which is from 2008/01/10 to 2008/02/02.

Spatial reference, accuracy, and granularity

The spatial reference is Albers Equal Area Conic; spatial resolution is 250m; province;

Dataset/atlas storage management

Data quantity

The data quantity is 10.5 MB.

Type format

The dataset is stored as a hard disk, and the data structure type is a raster TIF file.

Update management

No update plan

Quality control of the dataset/atlas

Production mode

The vegetation index product (MOD13Q1) is downloaded from MODIS official website. The spatial distribution of damaged forest affected by ice-snow disaster is obtained, and based on this, we use dynamic threshold method to assess forest resource loss in this ice-snow disaster.

Data sources (condition selection)

MOD13Q1 sources from MODIS website;

Forest distribution map sources from National earth system science data sharing infrastructure.

Methods of the data acquisition and processing (condition selection)

We extract NDVI data from the MOD13Q1 dataset and select the dynamic threshold method to diagnose whether the vegetation is damaged or not in suitable period, which refers to the time after ice-snow melting. The diagnosed result is superimposed with the forest map to get the spatial distribution information of damaged forest vegetation caused by ice-snow disaster.

Sharing and usage method of the dataset/atlas

Sharing methods and restrictions

Temporarily not shared before 2017/12/31, fully shared after 2017/12/31

Contact information of the sharing service (condition selection)

The service is as follows:

Name: Wang xuecheng

Mailing address: Chaoyang District, Beijing Datun Road on the 11th

Zip code: 100101


Conditions and methods of usage

(The environmental conditions when to use the datasets/atlas should be provided, including the necessary software tools, hardware requirements, and operation of the steps, methods, or precautions.)

Intellectual property rights of the dataset/atlas

Property rights (optional)

“The assessment of damaged vegetation caused by ice-snow disaster” owned by institute of geographic sciences and natural resources research, CAS.

Reference method of the dataset/atlas

Wang X C,Yang F, Gao X, et al. 2017. Precise extraction of damaged forest range caused by ice-snow frozen disaster based on the NDVI threshold method. Journal of Geo-information Science, 19(4):549-558. DOI:10.3724/SP.J.1047.2017.00549

Usage contacts of the datasets/atlas

Contact person

Name: Wang xuecheng

Mailing address: Chaoyang District, Beijing Datun Road on the 11th

Zip code: 100101


Others (optional)

In addition to the above, other information must also be explained.

Data documentation author information

Data documentation author Wang xuehceng

Update time 2017.08.29

Organization Institute of geographic sciences and natural resources research, CAS. Contact information E-mail

Address Chaoyang District, Beijing Datun Road on the 11th Postcode 100101

E-mail wangxc.15s@igsnrr.ac.cn

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