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Emergency rescue in outdoor field

2018-06-25  |   Editor : houguangbing  
Category : Social Sciences

Nowadays, more and more urbanites begin to consider outdoor activities and group travel as a way of pursuing tide and entertainment.

However, while enjoying outdoor activities, most people don't realize all sorts of dangers in nature, let alone making fully prepare in mind and matter. Before departure, they do not design travel route seriously and often go to the field alone, which buries a hidden danger of the accident. In recent years, there has been an upward trend in the number of injuries of tourists from tourism departments.

Necessary equipment for outdoor travel:

Necessary outdoor equipment is the primary prerequisite for outdoor safety. Basic equipment necessary for primary outdoor enthusiasts (measured on the basis of two days of outdoor time):

(1) Basic camping equipment (you can prepare yourself or go to an outdoor gear store to rent). For example, tents, mats for sleeping, sleeping bags and warm clothing for different seasons (such as a technical jackets or pants).

(2) Food. It is best to have high energy foods (such as energy bars, compressed biscuits, etc.), and you can bring some meals according to your own taste and different environment. If the condition of the place is arduous without convenient water, you can bring some food that doesn't need to be cooked. If you need to cook for yourself in the uninhabited areas, bring some mountain air stoves and other cooking tools.

(3) Equipment required for walking. Hiking shoes, snow cover, 30-meter climbing rope, and some self-prepared small rope as well as the matched lock.

(4) Contact tools. Instruments such as compass and lifesaving whistles are very helpful when getting lost or injured. If conditions permit, prepare global positioning system (GPS) and interphone.

(5) First-aid kit. If you are injuried, the first aid kit is necessary. The first aid kit contains some regular medicines and first aid supplies. Regular medicines vary according to their physical condition and the area they go to. Firstly, identify what common diseases you have and predict what will happen under the natural environment, and then prepare some essential medicines.

(6)Sports bag.

In addition, according to the personal habits, take a walking sticks or rod is a good choice, which can save your energy and is safer.

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