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The compiling instruction of "atlas of Wenchuan earthquake"

2023-11-03  |   Editor : houguangbing  


This atlas is for revealing dual features of nature and social behind Wenchuan earthquake. The damage, characteristics and regulation of Wenchuan earthquake can be fully explained by the photos, the impact on local economy and sustainable development brought by the disaster. What's more, we will also summarize the echo given by the government and all sectors of society after the calamity, which shows the blueprint of post–disaster rebuilt and offers reference and informative historicial materials for national catastrophe defense , researchers, and even the public. These materials would be helpful in raising public consciousness on disaster prevention and mitigation. In order to achieve that goal, we will abide by following principles:

1.Wenchuan disaster's temporal and spatial distribution and the process will be illustrated systematically.

The atlas introduces the factors causing calamity, calamity environment and animal husbandry, damage distribution and the property of this earthquake. Phase development of the happening, emergency rescue, rapid assessment for damage and reconstruction have been recorded roundly, which indicates the great feat of the Chinese government and the people made.

2.Take advantage of visualization methods of maps and geographic information comprehensively

The application of geographic information technology, remote sensing and digital technique, cooperated with maps, images, pictures, 3D pictures, charts and words, are contributed to figuratively and objectively emerge Wenchuan earthquake in different aspects, which would help to innovate the demonstration method and design of maps for the disaster, and combine the scientificalness, artistry , history, and practicability.

3.Make fully use of the authority datas

In order to ensure the accuracy and authority of the atlas, the materials used hail from the authoritative datas of related state departments as much as possible , which mainly include the assess and survey datas for disaster of the relief panel from Science and Technology Ministry of National Disaster Reduction Commission, information delivered by MCA and China seismology administration, the overall rebuild plan made by Wenchuan post disaster reconstruction organization, fundamental Geographic Information, remote sensing images , and thematic maps from the surveying and mapping bureau.

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