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The impact of species on forest vegetation damage

2018-01-23  |   Editor : houguangbing  
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The ratios of damaged tree samples to total tree samples decrease in the order of Chinese fir > masson pine > slash pine, evergreen broad-leaved > deciduous broad-leaved, mixed coniferous > mixed needle broad-leaved > mixed forest and bamboo. Plot damage rate decreases in the order of slash pine > masson pine > Chinese fir, natural secondary deciduous broad-leaved > bamboo > mixed forest and bamboo > mixed needle broad-leaved > evergreen broad-leaved > mixed coniferous.

The biological characteristics of tree species, especially the difference of cold tolerance and frost resistance, have a great impact on the extent and manifestation of their damage. The characteristics of tree species are the physiological and inherent prerequisites for the forest to resist the snow-ice disaster and provide a potential possibility for it to resist natural disasters. It is the most basic, the most important and the most powerful of all the factors. Due to the difference in physiological and ecological characteristics of different plants, their sensitivity to extreme rain and snow is also very different. So among the many influencing factors, the research on tree species is the most concerned. Bamboo such as bamboo shoots in autumn are generally more damaged than bamboo shoots in spring,because their metabolism is more active and the degree of lignification is not high, making them more vulnerable to the impact of frost damage. The root system can affect the lodging resistance of forest trees. The lodging of forest trees has a significant relationship with the number, size and root biomass of lateral roots. Larger number of lateral roots, coarser, root biomass of larger trees lodging more capable.

In addition, the fast-growing tree species are more severely affected than the slow-growing tree species because the tree height of the fast-growing tree species grows rapidly with relatively high aspect ratio ,which is prone to breakage. Evergreen species are more devastated than deciduous species , because deciduous trees carry less ice and snow than evergreens in the event of a disaster; Alien tree species are harmed more than native species.

The information is provided by Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Service.

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