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Comprehensive technical analysis of crop disaster risk reduction-Strengthen publicity

2022-02-16  |   Editor : houxue2018  
Category : Technology

In recent years, natural disasters such as low temperature and freezing injury, strong wind, rainstorm and flood, cold wave and strong wind, high temperature and drought have occurred frequently, and the risk of crop disaster has increased. Doing a good job in disaster prevention, reduction and relief of crops is very important to promote the prevention, emergency treatment and post disaster production recovery of major agricultural natural disasters, ensure less production reduction in major disasters and no production reduction in minor disasters, and reduce the loss of agricultural production and farmers' income caused by disasters. This paper discusses some views on the comprehensive technical measures that should be taken for crop disaster prevention, reduction and relief for reference.

Strengthen publicity and improve the awareness of technical services for disaster risk reduction

1.Broaden disaster information release channels

According to the natural disaster information forecast of the meteorological department, timely release the natural disaster information, preventive measures and post disaster agricultural production self rescue technical measures to the majority of farmers through radio, television, newspapers, networks and other channels.

2.Strengthen technical publicity

Actively organize and mobilize the majority of agricultural technicians to use the "winter of science and technology" and other activities to send science and technology to the countryside and households, go deep into the production line, carry out the publicity and popularization of agricultural natural disaster prevention knowledge, print and distribute various agricultural production technical materials, and implement the technical measures to prevent various frequent natural disasters to villages, households and people.

3.Do a good job in disaster prevention and mitigation theme training.

Adopt the methods of adapting measures to local conditions, classifying guidance, highlighting key points, and training in different regions, hold relevant agricultural technical training courses, strengthen farmers' awareness and ability to prevent natural disasters, and firmly establish the concept of disaster prevention and mitigation is to increase income, Effectively improve farmers' awareness of disaster prevention and mitigation, change from passive to active, from disaster resistance to disaster prevention, and always make preparations for disaster prevention and self-rescue work and post-disaster agricultural production recovery.

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