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Collaborative Simulation Monitoring and Visualization of Animal Husbandry

2022-12-22  |   Editor : houxue2018  
Category : Technological

Animal husbandry is Mongolia's traditional industry, the foundation of its national economy, and the main source of raw materials for the country's processing industry and daily necessities. As the economy continued to grow, the Mongolian government began to increase its investment in the livestock sector. Mongolia has not experienced major natural disasters in recent years, and the number of livestock raised has steadily increased.According to the latest statistics released by the Mongolian National Bureau of Statistics recently, the total number of livestock in Mongolia reached 40.3 million in 2007, an increase of 5.5 million head (only) over the previous year, an increase of 15.7%, a record high.The composition of livestock in the Selenge River in Mongolia is dominated by sheep, followed by goats, cattle, horses, camels and pigs. Mongolia's livestock is mainly raised by natural grazing, and there are 171,000 herder families and 327,100 herders.

According to the changes of relevant parameters of the model such as grass yield, land degradation level, water resource quantity, and water ecological environment, the changes of the current and future prediction scenarios of animal husbandry are reflected in near real time, laying the foundation for the precise regulation and control of animal husbandry in the river basin. Realize the virtual visualization of the regulation effect of animal husbandry, so as to solve the rapid spatial visualization technology of the regulation model, and can generate the production layout map of animal husbandry on demand according to the needs of decision support.

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