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Engineering Site as far as possible to avoid the existing or prone to geological disasters in the lot

2020-07-29  |   Editor : houguangbing  
Category : TechnologyHumanity

In the Engineering site, at first it depends on the construction of the foundation which is good or bad,then it also depends on whether the external may endanger the safety of the landslide and other geological disasters or not.At last,it still depends on whether the construction itself to the local or external geologic environment has adverse effects or not. The Project site selection stage must do the work of geologic engineering firstly, engineering site (line selection) of the geologic work should be as wide as possible, taking into account all the possible problems and can be selected for the region.

Second, the engineering geologic work of the project site phase must reach a sufficient depth. Geologic situation, a lot of hidden under the ground, not the amount of work should be invested and more in-depth and detailed study is difficult to find out, once the important issues have been omissions, often causing serious consequences. For example, the Three Gorges Reservoir immigrants in Badong County, Hubei Province, the new town location, fancy near the water in the reservoir above the water above a more gentle hillside (loess slope), said there is a large ancient landslide there. As the shape of the table has been less obvious, in the site survey investment in the limited workload, only according to the general construction of civil foundation exploration, failed to expose landslides, only for the normal situation evaluation. To be the county government building and many other high-rise constructions, only to find the landslide problem. Although the subsequent survey and evaluation, in general, the landslide is still relatively stable, after all, under the sliding damage, the original old bed to become the most sensitive easy to slide, can not be a normal stable slope treatment, even if still reluctant to use , But also for the stability of different blocks of landslides to re-adjust the layout of urban construction and basic construction methods, and to take special strict drainage measures. For some of the lower safety of the block, it is necessary to take the necessary measures to prevent and control. This makes the urban construction into a dilemma of the passive situation.

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