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What kind of emergency the aircraft usually encounter

2018-06-21  |   Editor : houguangbing  
Category : Social Sciences

In flight process, although the probability of flight accident is very small, we still can't relax viligance. Fire, mechanical failure, every accident may lead to disaster. Generally, the common emergencies the plane may encounter in the air are:

(1) The pressure of sealing pressurize warehouse suddenly drops

(2) Fire.

(3) Mechanical failure.

In the event of the above failure, the captain and the chief officer will briefly announce the decision of emergency leanding to the passengers, and guide and assist passengers to take emergency treatment. When the plane lands to a certain height, the pilot will broadcast "aircraft emergency descent, fasten the safety belt, wear oxygen mask" to passengers and then, the oxygen mask above the heads of passengers will droop automatically. At this time, passengers should immediately use oxygen mask to absorb oxygen, and are absolutely forbidden from smoking.

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