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Fengman Hydropower Station,Hailong Reservoir of water conservancy project in Songhua Basin

2018-01-19  |   Editor : houguangbing  
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Fengman Hydropower Station

Fengman Hydropower Station is the first large hydropower station built in the northeastern region,which is located at second Songhua River, 24 kilometers from the upper reaches of Jilin. The power station consists of a concrete gravity dam, a rear dam building and an outlet for Hongdong.

The total length of the dam crest is 1080 meters , and the height is 90.5 meters . The total volume capacity is 10.9 billion and 88 million cubic meters , with a rise of 61.4 billion cubic meters , with a capacity of 26.85 million cubic meters .

Hailong Reservoir

Hailong Reservoir(original name:Mopanshan Reservoir),located in the middle reaches of Yangshu River, a tributary of Daliuhe River in Meihekou City, covering a basin area of 548 square kilometers and the total storage capacity is 316 million cubic meters. It is a large reservoir which is based on flood control and irrigation, combined with the comprehensive utilization of fish raising and power generation, and its irrigation benefits are particularly significant.

Shitoukoumen Reservoir

The Shitoukoumen reservoir is located in the middle reaches of the River Mahe River, Jilin Province . The reservoir damsite is 500 meters southwest of Shitoukou Village , Xiying City , Jiutai City .

The purpose of the project is to prevent flood and waterlogging, , supply urban water and irrigate farmland ,also combined with electricity generation, fish farming, etc. The construction began in June 1958, and water storage in 1959. The project was completed in October 1965. The project was designed for flood every 200 years and checked for every 1000 years. The total storage capacity was 1 billion and 264 million cubic meters.

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