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Handbook of Practical Techniques for Reconstruction of Rain, Snow, and Ice Disasters in the South

2018-06-11  |   Editor : houguangbing  
Category : Products

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, Beijing, February (reporter Wu Jingjing) to give full play to the supporting role of science and technology in disaster relief, disaster relief and post disaster reconstruction, reduce the impact and loss caused by ice and snow disaster to the south of China, promote the scientific and effective recovery of production and reconstruction in the disaster areas. The Ministry of science and technology released "Yu Xuebing in the southern region" on the 9 day. Practical technical manual for reconstruction after the frost disaster.

Source: The central people's government of the people's republic of China

Link: http://www.gov.cn/jrzg/2008-02/09/co ntent_886583.htm

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