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Inner Mongolia hulunbuir hundred million acres of grassland affected by drought nearly 10,000 peopl

2018-09-18  |   Editor : houguangbing  
Category : Natural Sciences

Hohhot on August 5 (xinhua) 5 (reporter Zou Jianpiao, Jiang Xuelan) reporter from the hulunbuir, flood control and drought relief and meteorological department learned that up to two months of continuous drought, drought has caused more than 100 million mu of pasture of nearly ten thousand people drinking water, the affected more than 3.5 million head only livestock, crops affected area of more than 2100, ten thousand mu in the city.The extent of drought and the severity of disasters are rare in recent years.

Source:CCTV Network

Data Link: http://news.cctv.com/2016/08/05/ARTIv9kND1WQeiaSAIbGlVk3160805.shtml

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