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Global earthquake spatial distribution mapping since 2150 BC

Brief introduction

Data sources: data compiled by the DRRKS team, USGS data, data from the China Earthquake Authority website, etc. Technical route:On the server side, based on the SQLite database, design data storage fields, including the latitude and longitude of the earthquake, date, magnitude, etc.


Functions and key points of Construction: Realize the online retrieval of seismic data from 2150 BC to the present by year, month, magnitude and other conditions. Use open source WebGIS tools for visualization; According to the earthquake-related model, the use of several indicators of seismic data or data subsets can be used for online calculations to achieve spatio-temporal analysis.


Use Python language to develop server-side access to SQLite database interface to achieve basic database applications; Use the WebGIS front-end library LealetJS or OpenLayers on the browser side, combined with the Bootstrap framework, develop an interface for data visualization, retrieval and data download; According to the earthquake-related model, several indexes of the earthquake that can be realized can be calculated online to realize the function of spatiotemporal analysis. Finally, the front and back programs are integrated into the current website programs.