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China and International Experience in Natural Disaster Relief

Brief introduction

China is one of the countries with the most serious nature disaster in the world. China has taken much effective disaster relief and got rich experiences in the past several serious disasters. This knowledge application tries to release the knowledge information to share China and international relief experience. The Wenchuan earthquake, Zhouqu debris flow, and Jiuzhaigou earthquake are selected as typical cases. Besides, Kubuqi Desertification and Da Hinggan Mountains Forest Fire are also selected. At the same time, cases in South Asia are selected.


The disaster datasets of “Wenchuan Earthquake”,“Zhouqu Debris Flow”, “Jiuzhaigou Earthquake”“Cases in South Asia”“Kubuqi Desertification” “Da Hinggan Mountains Forest Fire”had been formed by crawling and selecting the precise information in network. MapServer is used to release Web Map Service (WMS) referring the international specification. The Combination of data and MapBox tiles has been used by LeafletJS to generate the map view. When the app page opened, the satellite map image could be visualized as the map service.


User can click the coordinate point, the corresponding title will be shown, then clicking on it or choosing “More” on the right side, a new interface about the specific application will be displayed, including visualized map, data list, documents and information.