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Resources, Environmental and Economic Patterns and Sustainable Development Modes of Silk Road Economic Belt(2015)-Ⅱ

Date: 2017-09-28      View counts: 8447    



The lecture summarizes the key scientific issues for the sustainable development in Silk Road Economic Belt and analyzes the distribution pattern of resources, ecological environment, society and economy, and holds that it is conducive to Silk Road countries to carry out Omni-directional and multi-level economic cooperation. Then the lecture discusses main modes and paths of sustainable economic development for Silk Road Economic Belt: Resource cooperation mode,Ecological civilization mode, Regional economic integration mode, Transportation economic belt mode, International tourism economic zone mode. Finally, the article puts forward several action projects.


Name of reporter
Suocheng Dong
Title of reporter
Ph.D. Professor
Organization of reporter
Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
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