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A review of freezing rain and snow impacts on forests in southern China

Date: 2018-06-07      View counts: 3723    


XU Yawen, WU Keke, ZHU Lirong, et al
Ecology and Environmental Sciences
Paper Keyword
freezing rain and snow disasters; forests; extent of damage; damage mechanism; reconstruction; suggestions
An unusually severe freezing rain and snow disaster of continuous low temperature covered a wide range of southern China in early 2008. This caused significant loss to human’s work and life, especially on forests. There are many studies focusing on damaged forest ecosystems. This research project searched out and summarized all the relevant research information about the effects of freezing rain and snow disasters on forests, to discuss the connection between damage impacts and the elements of weather severity, site conditions, tree characteristics and stand characteristics. The project also researched the recovery and reconstruction rates of forests from freezing rain and snow disasters. Compared to existing researches, we found their shortages on depth and orientation. Then the article put forward several recommendations to help with future research.
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