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Accuracy Evaluation and Seasonal Distribution of Precipitation over the Mongolian Plateau Based on TRMM Data

Date: 2018-09-19      View counts: 5602    


QIN Fu-ying, JIA Gen-suo, YANG Jie, NA Yin-tai, HOU Mei-ting, BAO Yu-hai
Drought monitoring
Paper Keyword
precipitation; accuracy evaluation; seasonal distribution; TRMM; Mongolian Plateau
Accuracy of the latest version satellite product TRMM 3B43 V7 for precipitation over the Mongolian Plateau was evaluated based on the observational precipitation data from 134 meteorological stations,and the spatial and seasonal distribution of precipitation in recent 19 years was analyzed. The results showed that there was a significant positive correlation between TRMM and observational precipitation data at monthly scale, and the determination coefficient R2 was 0. 88 ( P < 0. 01) , which indicated a good consistency between them. The inter-annual variation of annual precipitation showed a significant upward trend at the rate of 32. 1 mm ( 10a) - 1( P < 0. 05) in recent 19 years. However, there were certain spatial differences: an increase trend of precipitation was observed in the northeast, north and southwest of the Mongolian Plateau, but a decrease trend in the west and southeast of the plateau and in the region west of the Greater Khingan Mountains. Regarding the inter-annual variation of seasonal precipitation, winter precipitation was in a decrease trend, while precipitation in other three seasons was in an increase trend, especially in summer and autumn, the 69. 2% and 81. 8% areas of the total area were in an increase trend in summer and autumn respectively. There was an obvious spatial differentiation in seasonal precipitation, the decrease of spring precipitation occurred mainly in the west of the plateau, and the significant increase of that in the eastern and northern parts of the plateau; the significant increase of summer precipitation occurred mainly in the southwestern and western-northern parts of the plateau; the significant increase of autumn precipitation occurred mainly in the southern and southeastern parts of the plateau; and the significant decrease of winter precipitation occurred mainly in the west plateau.
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