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Study on Urban Land Ownership in Wenchuan Earthquake Reconstruction Planning

Date: 2017-09-25      View counts: 6778    


Liu hongyong; Han neng; Han xia
Science Technology process and policy
Reconstruction after disaster
Paper Keyword
Post - disaster reconstruction, land tenure, market regulation
Wenchuan earthquake caused great damage to the housing in the disaster area, and the amount of the reconstruction project was huge. The land ownership of the affected people in the reconstruction of the disaster and the land ownership of the post-disaster reconstruction housing have received great attention. Taking the disaster situation of Dujiangyan City as an example, combined with the status quo of land tenure reconstruction in post-disaster housing, by analyzing the causes of the land tenure problem in post-disaster reconstruction, it is proposed that the post-disaster as soon as possible and clear the ownership, combined with land ownership Reconstruction planning, play a role in regulating the market three aspects of measures to solve the post-disaster reconstruction of land ownership issues.
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