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Where Does The Ozone Disaster Come From

2019-12-05  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Who destroyed the environment on which human live? Who is "devouring" the ozone layer, the earth's protective umbrella? Who caused the sun's ultraviolet rays to kill all live things on land, and force the human race to be extinct? These are all questions that have to be pondered.

With the progress of time, life for human beings has become more and more comfortable. More and more people are sitting at home enjoying the fruits of modern material civilization. When summer comes,
people sit at home with the cool air from the air conditioner and eat the ice cream from the fridge without feeling the arrival of summer. But while some people are enjoying this, they have no idea about about the chlorofluorocarbon from refrigerators and air conditioners are accelerating the destruction of ozone, the "umbrella" to protect human.

If the ozone layer is largely devoured, there will unprecedented ozone depletion. This way, the ultraviolet ray in sunshine can hurt human body skin and raise the temperature of the whole earth, leading to the greenhouse effect. The hole in the ozone layer not only damages the environment of the living beings to be alive, but also directly threatens human health.

Is the little freon in the fridge really harmful to human bodies? In the first 50 years, no one mentioned the problem. It was not until 1973 that Mario Molina, a Mexican-American chemist, first warned that the earth's ozone layer had been damaged. He was also the first person to publish this theory in the world. When he issued this warning, no one paid any attention to his "fallacy", and it was over.

According to relevant data, the hole in the ozone layer is related to refrigerators and air conditioners. Freon is a refrigerant associated with the functions of refrigerators to preserve the freshness of food and air conditioners to blow out natural air and regulate the indoor temperature.

At room temperature, freon is a colorless gas or volatile liquid with slight flavor, low toxicity and stable chemical properties. But it can also become a gas and destroy the overall structure of the ozone when it evaporates into the ozone layer, which decreases the concentration of ozone and creates a cavity. In addition, any material containing fluorine will also cause the ozone depletion as it is released into the atmosphere during production and use, resulting in a hole in the ozone layer. Ozone-destroying substances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, hairspray, mousse and detergent, which are produced millions of tons each year, are responsible for the damage in ozone layer.

A large amount of Freon is discharged from refrigerators and air conditioning refrigerants and floats in the upper atmosphere. Under the radiation of the sun's ultraviolet ray, the ozone decreases day by day while it is decomposed and damages human beings’ natural barrier. Not only that, it is also in an inseparable relationship with human physical and mental health and the imbalance of whole ecosystem imbalance.

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