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Volcanic eruption presents a wild side of nature

2019-12-09  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Volcanic eruption presents a wild side of nature. Hot red lava and large amounts of ash and gas can be produced from an erupting volcano. Such natural catastrophes could have caused thousands of deaths and injuries, but most of the eruptions caused only slight damage to lives and property of human beings.

Volcanic eruptions are natural disasters that can happen anywhere in the world, but in some areas they occur more frequently.

The most powerful and spectacular volcanic eruptions often occur in subduction zone. The mountains may erupt again after silence of hundreds of years and when it does, it is extremely powerful. Such eruptions often bring great calamity to human beings.

It affects global climate. Volcanoes erupt in large quantities of ash and gas, which have a great influence on climate because in this case, dark days and rainstorms and even mud rain may plagu local residents for months.

When Ash and volcanic gas spew into the air, they will spread far away, which can block out the light and bring temperature down.

In addition, they also filter out light of certain wavelengths, which made the sun and the moon seem like being casted a halo or show strange color, especially at sunrise and sunset, it can form unique natural landscape.

Destroy the environment. The volcanic ash and heavy rain from volcanic eruptions combine to form debris flow. Consequently, it submerges neighboring villages and cities, leaving millions of people homeless. Although rock was obscured by ash clouds, it was still visible when the volcano erupted.

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