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How do you save the plane when it makes an emergency landing

2018-06-22  |   Editor : houguangbing  
Category : Social Sciences

When the plane chooses to make an emergency landing on water, the flight attendant will explain how to use the lifejacket. Put on the life jacket first. When necessary, as long as you pull down air filler valve door, the life vest will automatically inflate in a few seconds. When jumping into the water from an emergency exit, be sure to keep your legs tight and slightly benty. Besides, make your arms be in front of your chest and your hands in front of your face or cover your mouth and nose, and then go straight into the water. (After that, call for rescue or take self-help measures according to the marine life-saving knowledge.)

When landing on land, the fuel tank exploded in a dozen seconds because the plane always noses down. At this time, the fire will spread from the nose to the tail. So, as the plane crashes into the ground, passengers should quickly unbuckle their seat belts and rush to the back of the cabin to try to escape the wreckage before the tank explodes.

After escaping from the plane, if survivors can move, they should first deal with injury and concentrate surplus food. Besides, judge your location and direction and the distance between nearby villages and towns according to experience or map as far as possible. If survivors can’t move inconveniently or the location is far away from the densely populated areas such as villages and towns, mobile phones and radio stations can be used to send out distress signals quickly. If there is no rescue equipment, try to set up signs in an open place as far as possible, put SOS and send signals to the rescuers so as to get timely rescue.

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