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Disaster knowledge application of China Pakistan Economic Corridor

China Pakistan Economic Corridor is the first pilot area, the priority among priorities and the flagship project on the belt and Road. At present, the regional resources, environment, ecology and disaster data of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor are in urgent need, and they are also facing the problems of the application of unstructured integration and sharing of these multi-source data. This knowledge application is based on the project source data collected by DRRKS team, including the distribution of basic geographic data of administrative boundary, traffic road, DEM, building and water body of China Pakistan Economic Corridor, as well as relevant natural resource data, ecological environment data, remote sensing product data, etc. Based on WebGIS technology, the management and visualization of multi spatial and temporal scale element data of China Pakistan Economic Corridor are realized. It includes the background databases of basic geography, land cover, natural resources, ecological environment, natural disasters and remote sensing products, and the special investigation database of resources, environment, ecology and disasters in the region facing to complex environmental conditions. The implementation includes data online visual browsing, resources online download and other service functions. It is of great scientific and practical significance to promote the scientific research and sustainable development of China Pakistan Economic Corridor to carry out the standardized integration of regional resources, environment, ecology and disaster data, build long-term time-space series basic data products, form stable, independent and controllable scientific data service capacity, and maximize the shared value of data.


Rescue team evacuating people from flooded area. Building collapse after massive flood Alongside the river bank road has been damaged by flood waters in Madian in the Swat Valley
The rural area of Sindh province in Pakistan under flood water 2022. People are migrating to safe places from flooded areas. Large cultivated land has been under water by flooding.
Huge flow of flood water in Sawt River after flood. Urban flooding in Karachi city after heavy monsoon rainfall Urban flood in KPK province.
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