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Knowledge Map Service for Major Organizations

Institution Location
Institute of Geophysics, China Seismological Bureau China, Beijing
Indian disaster management agency India, NEW DELHI
Aga Khan Agency for Habitat India, New Delhi
Centro Nacional de Monitoramento e Alertas de Desastres Naturais(CEMADEN) Brazil, São José dos Campos,São Paulo
Solomon Islands National Disaster Management Office Solomon Islands, Honiara
Vanuatu National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) Vanuatu, Port Vila
Tuvalu Meteorological Service Tuvalu,
China National Commission for Disaster Reduction (NCDR China) China, Beijing
Department of Hydrology and Meteorology Nepal, Kathmandu
Emergency Management Australia(EMA) Australia, Canberra
Disaster prevention and mitigation Department of UNESCO France, Paris
Youth Innovation Promotion Association of Chinese Academy of Sciences China, Beijing
World Association of Soil and Water Conservation China, Beijing
Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration Philippine, Manila
Antea Group Belgium, Antwerp
Emergency management Australia Australia, Canberra
SUDAN Meteorological Authority SUDAN, khartoum
Institute for Crisis, Disaster and Risk Management(ICDRM) USA, Washington, DC
National Emergency Management Office Palau, Koror
Taiwan Typhoon and Flood Research Institude China, Central Taiwan
Climate change Australia, Canberra
Ministry of Environment,Forests and Climate Change(MoEFCC) India, New Delhi
National Disaster Management in India India, New Delhi
Benfield UCL Hazard Research Centre England, London
Three Gorges Research Center for Geohazards,Ministry of Education China, Wuhan
International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) USA, Ohio
National Disaster Reduction Center of Chinese(NDRCC) China, Beijing
Department Of Hydrology and Meteorology of oman oman, Muscat
Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation United States, Arlington
Skate Key Laboratory of Geohazard Prevention and Geoenvironment Protection China, Chengdu
United Nations Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization Disaster Risk Reduction French, Paris
United Nations Platform for Space-based Information for Disaster Management and Emergency Response Austria、China, Vienna、 Beijing
China Fire Protection Association China, Beijing
Ministry of Environment,Forests and Climate Change India, NEW DELHI
Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) Denmark, Copenhagen
State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters China, Beijing
The Leiden University Crisis Research Center Netherlands, Leiden
Department of Disaster Preventionn and Mitigation Thailand, Bangkok
National Disaster Management Agency(NaDMA) Grenada, Fort Frederick, St.George’s
Australian Disaster Resilience Knowledge Hub Australia, Canberra
National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) Philippines, Quezon City
MetService New Zealand, Wellington
New Zealand Department. of Survey and Land Information New Zealand, Wellington
Geological Survey of Western Australia Western Australia, Perth
Fiji Meteorological Service Fiji, Suva
Discover and use data New Zealand, Wellington
Geoscience Australia Australia, Canberra
Department Of Hydrology and Meteorology of oman oman, Muscat
Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) Denmark, Copenhagen

Brief introduction:

To meet the requirements of organization catalogue for disaster risk reduction, the management and visualization function modules are developed to support the organization directory navigation.


The majority organizations of disaster risk reduction have been collected and stored in the DRR platform, the visualization application of data and maps have been realized by WebGIS technology, including “Map View” mode and “Data View” mode.

Map View: the map data of organization have been transferred into GeoJson format and displayed on the map tiles. The location of individual organization is displayed by coordinate point, the title information is linked with the map, and the homepage of the organization will be showed when the title is clicked.

Data View: the organizations are displayed as list form. It contains the title and location information. The title information is also showed in Map View as a link.


Clicking any coordinate point in the Map View, the organization information would be shown. Users can find the organization and get more navigation information (will be done later) through both Map View or Data View page.